Labyrinth of Fear

This year your journey your challenge is to get thru the Labyrinth to see the reanimation of the creature. Along the way you may have to make some life altering decisions. To aid you with this, you are given the mystical coin of decision to use .......... wisely. A few of you that survive may even be able to walk out with the coin ..... if the right decisions are made.
For 2021, additional twists and turns have been added, as if you weren't already confused enough. 
Tales of haunting run deep in Nevada. from the Blue and Gray battles, to Madame Blitz at Cottey College, spirit unrest remains active.
Join us on this expedition into the Labyrinth of Fear!

Join us on this expedition into the Labyrinth of Fear!

October 2021
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Tickets go on sale at 7pm.
Gate opens at 7:30pm.

Tickets will be sold until with last admission at midnite.


Walk up purchase $25
Reserve tickets $27

Limited reserve tickets may be purchased starting at 5pm the Monday prior to event weekend by calling 417-667-4993. This reserves admission time and eliminates waits. These are non refundable.



17866 East Overland Road
Nevada, MO 64772